VersaCart offers excellent standard features on each cart it sells, always maintaining the high standard of quality and the high level of utility of its products.  Engineered to be programmable, safe, and easy to operate, our moving carts are the best this industry has to offer.


Versacacart Moving Cart Injury ReductionInjury Reduction

Reducing injuries in the workplace is a major concern for several businesses. We have a solution for you!
Versa-Carts unique excellent design seriously reduces the injuries suffered by employees that perform duties including (but not limited to) pushing and pulling of hand trucks, manual carts or pallet jacks.
By reducing injury to employees, Versa Carts have a proven track record of reducing workmans compensation and general liability claims and increasing productivity. If you can save yourself just one claim per cart, you have already created a return for this small investment.


Versacacart Moving Cart PerformanceVersacart Moving Cart TechnologyTechnology

At the heart of every VersaCart is a fully programmable microprocessor which sets variables such as maximum speed, acceleration and braking rates, and power-down time, making each machine a custom fit for each environment.

Now, you can transport loads up to 1,500 pounds with ease by controlling the VersaCart product with one hand, starting and stopping smoothly and making corner turns with ease.  It will go up a 6% incline with a full load and go in reverse at three miles per hour… all with the touch of one hand.

The electromagnetic braking system will stop the cart instantly if the handle is released or the emergency button is pressed.

Powered by a turn of the key, you will never want to use a hand truck, manual cart, or pallet jack again!



VersaCart’s electromagnetic brakes automatically lock any time the cart is not in motion, ensuring the safety of everyone around the cart.  No rolling or moving unless you want it to!  Our carts will stay in place on a ramp or incline.  The secured cart is ideal for densely populated work areas where even a slight unwanted roll could injure someone!


Versacart Relibility Moving CartReliability

Versa-Cart’s 6-ply, 13″ foam filled pneumatic tires offer a smooth ride without compromising the traction of a conventional rubber tire.  Made from non-marring rubbing, a VersaCart product does not mark the floor.  Our handy retractable charging cord conveniently plugs into any 110 outlet and the charging unit automatically shuts off when fully charged.


Versacacart Moving Cart StealthStealth

The silent drive train allows use around customers without disruption, unlike other motorized equipment.  Its quiet sound level coupled with its clean appearance and rubber bumpers make it suitable for any retail, office or medical environment.


Maintenance-Free Battery/Charge

An internal battery charger uses a 110V outlet, eliminating the need for special chargers or dedicated outlets.  In addition, absorbed glass matte batteries are maintenance free.



Versa Carts will outperform any hand truck or manual carts in situations where safe, quick and efficient movement of product and material is required.  Versa Carts are proven to increase productivity while decreasing injuries in the work place.




Cart Options

  • Custom Handle Guards
  • Custom Graphics
  • Protective Coatings
  • D/C to A/C conversion
  • Wi-Fi “Hotspot” Capabilities
  • Exterior Programmable Lighting Package
  • Corian Tops for Ice Cream Carts Only