Ice Cream Cart

The VersaCart FTM1200F

This cart has a cold wall construction with an 18 cubic ft capacity which allows you to bring the whole ice cream store to your customers.  The VersaCart 1200F is a portable freezer cart for ice cream products and other frozen foods.  It includes an 18 cubic ft capacity, a five year compressor warranty, and a 10′ 110V retractable cord.  See below for more specifications and options.






  • Custom Graphics
  • Solid surface tops (i.e. corian)
  • Lock Bars (included)
  • Locking cash box
  • LINEX polyurethane coating for top and lids
  • Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities
  • 12V DC to AC conversion



Technical Specifications

Weight: 920 lbs
Load Capacity: 1,500 lbs
Tires: 13 inch – Pneumatic foam filled
Charging System
Type: Dual Voltage
Standard Output: 43.2 V, 4.0A
Controller Microprocessor based – Fully programmable
Motor & Trasaxle
Wheel Drive: 36 Volt
Speed: Variable
Max Speed: 3 mph
Brakes: 12 NM – Electro-mechanical
Electrical System
Type: Absorbed Glass
Voltage: 36 Volt
Duty Cycle: 12-15 Hours

Freezer Cabinet Specifications• 1/2 HP Copeland Compressor• 10′ Retractable Cord• 115 Volt• Solid Surface Top• Laminated Stainless Steel Lids• 18 Cubic Foot Capacity• -8°•Locking Bars for Security• 5 Year Compressor Warranty• Internal & External Temp Gauge• Custom Graphics• Custom Colors