Long Bed Cart

The VersaCart FTM1200L

This cart features a longer bed at 72″ long with additional footboard for additional safety when carrying larger loads. Please see specifications and additional options below.




  • Bed liner coated deck
  • LINEX polyurethane headboard
  • Dual headboards


Technical Specifications

Weight:   660 lbs
Load Capacity:   1,500 lbs
Tires:   13 inch – Pneumatic foam filled
Electrical System  
Type: Absorbed Glass
Voltage: 36 Volt
Duty Cycle: 12-15 Hours
Motor & Trasaxle  
Wheel Drive: 36 Volt
Speed: Variable
Max Speed: 3 mph
Brakes: 12 NM – Electro-mechanical
Charging System  
Type: Dual Voltage
Standard Output: 43.2 V, 4.0A
Controller   Microprocessor based – Fully programmable
Long Bed Moving Cart Specifications