Restocking Cart

The VersaCart FTM1200R

The restocking cart is versatile in many ways. The VersaCart 1200R  is simply designed to transport product safely and securely in all types of settings.  The sides provide cover to help reduce any risk of products falling off the cart. The roll top provides easy loading/unloading as well. This cart is also often used to hide unsightly items, such as trash. See more specifications below.


Battery Operated Restocking Cart


  • Bed liner coated deck
  • PMS powder coating with color of your choice


Technical Specifications

Weight: 780 lbs
Load Capacity: 1,500 lbs
Tires: 13 inch – Pneumatic foam filled
Electrical System
Type: Absorbed Glass
Voltage: 36 Volt
Duty Cycle: 12-15 Hours
Motor & Trasaxle
Wheel Drive: 36 Volt
Speed: Variable
Max Speed: 3 mph
Brakes: Electro-mechanical
Charging System
Type: Dual Voltage
Standard Output: 43.2 V, 4.0A
Controller Microprocessor based – Fully programmable