Warming Cart

The VersaCart FTM1200W

The VersaCart 1200W is a food cart for heated foods.  It is designed specifically for portable food vending and transporting of hot foods with its insulated cargo areas.  Each FTM1200W’s cargo area is available for custom printed graphics based on customer specifications. See specifications and additional options below.



Portable Warming Cart



  • Custom Graphics
  • Locking cash box
  • 12V DC to AC conversion



Technical Specifications

Weight: 760 lbs
Load Capacity: 1,500 lbs
Tires: 13 inch – Pneumatic foam filled
Electrical System
Type: Absorbed Glass
Voltage: 36 Volt
Duty Cycle: 12-15 Hours
Motor & Trasaxle
Wheel Drive: 36 Volt
Speed: Variable
Max Speed: 3 mph
Brakes: 12 NM – Electro-mechanical
Charging System
Type: Dual Voltage
Standard Output: 43.2 V, 4.0A
Controller Microprocessor based – Fully programmable